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JAG,L'Art du Bijou sur Mesure

Rings and Wedding Bands

We provide you with a series of designs for rings, wedding bands and solitaires to inspire the creation of your own piece. All the pieces presented below have never been created as seen. If and when a piece shown below is created, it will quickly be removed from this page, along with its model and virtual representation, to guarantee its exclusivity. By the same token, we do not create copies of existing rings. The only exceptions are by customer requests to create the classic solitaire ring, the Pompadour ring, the classic wedding band or signet rings according to the habits and customs imposed. However, even in such cases, we try to add a little twist to respect our passion for exclusive jewelry.


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JAG - Paris

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JAG,L'Art du Bijou sur Mesure

JAG,L'Art du Bijou sur Mesure

JAG,L'Art du Bijou sur Mesure

JAG, L'Art du Bijou sur Mesure