JAG,L'Art du Bijou sur Mesure

Our Way to Your Unique Piece of Jewelry

Each piece is crafted in Switzerland with the savoir-faire of artisans and artists passionate about their trade. JAG jewels are resolutely architectural and modern but forever timeless. We start with a stone, a sketch, a source of inspiration, a heart-stopper, sometimes even a poem that will give us the inspiration to create a piece out of the ordinary.

The Meeting between Desire and Passion

Your project starts with an extensive conversation with the creating artisan who will guide you throughout your whole project. Our first goal is to comprehend precisely your wishes, the symbolism the jewel, your expectations and your tastes. To do so, we show you pieces, designs and stones amongst other things, in order to better define what is important for you.

The Birth of a Desire

Following this first meeting and discussion, we present you with three different models we created especially to translate your dream into reality. We then turn these drawings into design models to help you make your choice and better define your expectations.

The Lighting of a Desire

The selected model(s) are analyzed further to define technical solutions and calculate the cost of the piece as accurately as possible. The designs, which are detailed virtual representations, provide a clear picture of the finish of the completed piece and help you imagine yourself wearing it.

Finding the Precious

Once the piece has been defined, we start the search for the precious gemstones that will be integrated to it. Whenever possible, we present you with several stones so that you can select the one(s) that please(s) you most.

Start in Fusion

The production phase begins with pouring the cast that forms certain parts of your piece in gold or platinum.

Forging the Desire

Once cast, refined and adjusted, these parts as well as parts of the piece manufactured directly from wires and gold or platinum plaques are put together at the workbench by an experienced artisan who makes it a point of honor to create jewelry with the greatest precision and following Swiss quality standards.

Illumination with Brilliants

Once the metal work complete, the stone-setter places the stones in the areas determined by the artisan.

Finishing in Majesty

The last step is when the piece’s sparkle and beauty are revealed. It is cleaned, polished and brightened (the act of shining the metal by very gently rubbing it with silky materials) to perfection.

The Instant where the Desire becomes Reality

The measure of our success is when, upon discovering the finished piece, the customer actually sees what he or she imagined. The magic of the jewel then belongs to the person offering it and to the person receiving it! The symbolism the piece deserves is theirs for the making.


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JAG,L'Art du Bijou sur Mesure

JAG,L'Art du Bijou sur Mesure

JAG,L'Art du Bijou sur Mesure

JAG, L'Art du Bijou sur Mesure