JAG,L'Art du Bijou sur Mesure

The Link between Two Countries

Our history tells the story of a small family business shaped by dreams, hopes and life events. It’s a very human story about people.

XIXth Century

The story begins almost 150 years ago. A certain so-called Bucher launched a business manufacturing diamond bits for drilling, which was in full expansion at the time. He very quickly developed a specialty in diamond cutting.

The Grand-Father Stone Cutter

Before the mid-20th century, Bucher’s grandson, Gotlieb Schaub, added diamond dealing and jewelry making to his diamond cutting activities, and opened the first shop in the center of Lucerne, at Grendel.

The Jeweler & The Artist

Gotlieb Schaub’s grandson then created his own company under the name of Jewelry Andreas Gmur, JAG, with the goal to develop the art of exclusive jewelry.

The Parisian Jewelry Tradition

In order to perfect his experience, Andreas Gmur trained as a jeweler in Paris, spending several years studying old and new techniques of the Parisian jewelry craft at the Rue du Louvre’s school of the Syndicat de la Bijouterie, Joaillerie, Orfèvrerie de Paris.

For Love of Stones

For his love of precious stones, Andreas Gmur graduated in gemology specialized in jewelry stones and he developed a network of contacts (Thailand, Sri Lanka, New York ...) to provide himself, as close as possible to the source, with the most beautiful stones for its unique creations.

Setting up in Paris

After his studies, Andreas Gmur set himself up in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris and worked mainly as a subcontractor for well-known brands. Inspired by the city’s architecture and more specifically by the Arts et Métiers church near the workshops, he chose the symbol of the four-leaf clover as JAG maker's mark to sign his pieces because Its leaves represent the four theological virtues: hope, faith, charity and luck—the four pillars of his passion for jewelry.

Back to the Roots

To reconnect with its roots, JAG returned to its homeland and set up shop in the Old Town of Geneva, nearly 150 years after the launch of the first family company.


Jewelry Andreas Gmur

5 Cour de Saint-Pierre

1204 Geneva

+41 22 310 14 50


JAG - Paris

Rue Réaumur

75003 Paris

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Geneva - Paris

JAG,L'Art du Bijou sur Mesure

JAG,L'Art du Bijou sur Mesure

JAG,L'Art du Bijou sur Mesure

JAG, L'Art du Bijou sur Mesure