JAG,L'Art du Bijou sur Mesure

Our Basics, what guides us

Unlike mass jewelry makers, our approach places the unique and special person for whom the piece is created at the very heart of our design. We see the piece of jewelry as the reflection of a personality and the symbol of a special moment in your life.

Another Vision of Jewelry Making

all about taking the time: taking the time to imagine a piece together, taking the time to guide you every step of the way, taking the time to make someone happy. We are glad to offer you our expertise combining the savoir-faire inherited from Place Vendôme with Swiss quality, and to allow you to experience a whole new way to acquire a piece of jewelry.

An exclusive Piece of Jewelry

We believe an exclusive piece is the perfect gift: a jewel that did not exist but now comes to life, created especially for you!  We promise never to reproduce a piece of jewelry

A Piece of Jewelry as Symbol

We believe in the symbolism of jewelry, as it is a tribute to the uniqueness of each person and because it tells something very personal about the person who wears it. Entrust us with this wish of making someone happy and let us help you materialize your vision and make your wish a reality.


Jewelry Andreas Gmur

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1204 Geneva

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JAG - Paris

Rue Réaumur

75003 Paris

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Geneva - Paris

JAG,L'Art du Bijou sur Mesure

JAG,L'Art du Bijou sur Mesure

JAG,L'Art du Bijou sur Mesure

JAG, L'Art du Bijou sur Mesure